Analyst Reports

                    View and access analyst reports, research and coverage of nCino, the Bank Operating System and Solutions.
                    Upgrading Experience and Efficiency: Retail Loan Origination System Market Overview
                    This report provides an overview of the RLOS market, examines the factors impacting financial institutions’ use of RLOS solutions, and identifies the differentiating features and capabilities offered by vendors that serve a broad spectrum of consumer lenders, from fintech startups to large banks, around the world.
                    Santander UK: Commercial Lending Evolution and Digitization – Winner of the Celent Model Bank 2020 Award
                    Celent, a global financial services research and advisory firm, has named Santander UK the winner of the Model Bank Award for Commercial Lending for delivering its customers a cutting-edge lending experience utilizing the nCino Bank Operating System.
                    Evaluating Commercial Loan Origination Systems
                    In this complimentary report, Cornerstone Advisors identifies the four critical factors for a successful evaluation and selection process, as well as key takeaways that will help your institution ensure its CLOS capability is strategically aligned with its overall roadmap.
                    Digital Customer Onboarding Vendor Spectrum: Small Business Banking Edition
                    This report examines how banks have the opportunity to end the struggle small businesses have with painful application and onboarding processes thanks to the maturing of third-party solutions.
                    Retail Banking Customer Acquisition Platforms
                    Refreshing a 2016 analysis, Celent looks anew at vendor solutions designed to address digital customer origination and onboarding using Celent’s rigorous ABCD vendor view methodology.
                    nCino Named the Leading CLOS by Aite Group
                    nCino has again been recognized as the top vendor by Aite Group in the analyst firm's 2019 report "Commercial Loan Origination: Sharpening the Tip of the Spear." In addition to the top position in the overall evaluation, Aite selected nCino for "The World Traveler Award" for its global expansion, "which has resulted in an installed base that is enviably geographically diversified."
                    Commercial Loan Origination: Sharpening the Tip of the Spear
                    This report explores some of the key trends within the CLO market and examines how technology is evolving to address new market needs and challenges. It leverages a variety of data sources, including conversations between the author and users of CLO systems, briefings on systems in the market and demonstrations of these systems,
                    Cornerstone Advisors Identifies 5 Mistakes to Avoid in Digital Account Opening
                    In this exclusive report, Cornerstone Advisors identifies five common mistakes financial institutions make when deploying digital account opening tools and technologies, and share why digital account opening is just one part of a future-ready organization's digital transformation journey.
                    AI in Business Lending
                    By examining the current state of AI in business lending this report is a useful resource to leaders of lending lines of business who seek to better understand how this exciting new technology can help them achieve objectives such as amplified scale, reduced risk, and a more digitized borrower experience.
                    Account Opening: Run It Like You Own It
                    As customers increasingly migrate to the digital channels, FIs must rethink their account-opening experience.? This study focuses on current trends that shape the experience, the metrics needed to manage account-opening, and best practices in account-opening design.
                    Hype Cycle for Digital Banking Transformation, 2019
                    This report discusses why bank CIOs and their contemporaries must fully embrace opportunities to totally transform both their business ecosystems and the underlying business models.
                    The Forrester Wave™: Salesforce Implementation Partners In Asia Pacific, Q2 2019
                    This report evaluates 10 Salesforce implementation partners in Asia Pacific and helps application development and delivery (AD&D) professionals select the right one for their needs.
                    Peer Insights: Digital Banking Platforms
                    Gartner's Peer Insights program is a free and public platform that offers verified, first-hand reviews of software products and services. See what others are saying about nCino.
                    Top 10 Trends in Retail Banking & Payments, 2019: Disruption is the Norm
                    At the dawn of 2019, “disruption is the new normal” is an apt description for the geopolitical landscape as well as retail banking and payments. This report explores how technology innovation, rapidly shifting consumer preferences and regulation are driving dynamism in 2019.
                    Now Tech: Digital Banking Engagement Platforms, Q4 2018
                    FIs can use digital banking engagement platforms to deliver digital banking capabilities, flexibly, support multiple channels, drive revenue and improve automation. To access these benefits, you’ll have to select from a diverse set of vendors. See why nCino made this list.
                    How ISVs Can Effectively Leverage Application Ecosystems
                    See how nCino adds value to Salesforce's ecosystem by offering greater capability and innovation to financial institutions. This report highlights how nCino can be leveraged to maximize market success and return on investment.
                    Lend, Baby, Lend: Top 10 Trends in the Online SMB Lending Space
                    This report details the top 10 trends that Aite Group anticipates in the U.S. online SMB lending market in 2019.
                    Pacesetters in Customer Engagement: Top Trends and Best Practice Players
                    Bank customer engagement needs to evolve if banks are to remain competitive with alternative providers. Celent highlights several pacesetters, including nCino, who are leading the charge by transforming the engagement model, adopting new channels and user interfaces, and investing in intelligence.
                    AI: Transforming the Digital Account-Opening and Onboarding Experience
                    This report examines the state of the account-opening and onboarding experience, surfaces the challenges that still exist from customer and employee perspectives, discusses the opportunity AI creates to transform the process, and gives insight into what FIs need to do to take advantage of AI.
                    Market Guide for Digital Business Platforms
                    Digital banking platforms lay the foundation for those banks that wish to transform themselves into digital businesses. This report provides recommendations to CIOs working to deliver the digital banking experience and names nCino as a notable vendor.
                    Global Investment in Fintech for Retail Banking and Payments: Still Making Waves
                    This report provides an analysis of the 2017 global investment in fintech for retail banking and payments.
                    On the Radar: nCino Modernizing Bankers' Front Office
                    Banks remain under sustained pressure to cut operating costs and improve the speed, clarity, and efficiency with which they manage customer relationships and individual product applications. See how nCino's single cloud-based application can help banks boost productivity and remove pinch points, while ensuring regulatory compliance.
                    Hype Cycle for Digital Banking Transformation, 2018
                    This 2018 Hype Cycle for digital banking transformation exists in the context of a banking market showing high levels of fragmentation and diversity to give bank CIOs a clear vision for the industry and their institution's role within it to gain clarity on which technology they should embrace.
                    4 Effective Strategies for ISVs to Leverage CRM Marketplaces
                    This report outlines how technology business unit leaders can leverage the marketplaces around CRM suites to maximize their market success and return on investment.
                    SWOT: Salesforce Customer Success Platform, CRM Market, Worldwide
                    Salesforce's Customer Success Platform is the clear leader in the CRM application software market, according to Gartner. This report outlines Salesforce's broad swatch of CRM functionality and how nCino is a key extension for financial services.
                    The Productivity Crisis in Commercial Lending
                    This report takes a closer look at the costliness of commercial lending and examines how much time loan officers and underwriters spend on their core job responsibilities.
                    The Future-Ready Commercial Banking Report
                    The importance of commercial lending is paramount to banks. Yet many bank executives are not well-positioned for the changes they envision coming down the road in the industry. This free report provides a roadmap, benchmarks and recommendations for how banks can address these concerns and become future-ready.
                    Alternative Lenders: Where They Thrive and Where They Are Weak
                    In the context of the arrival of the alternative lenders and banks’ range of potential reactions to them, Aite Group undertook an analysis of alternative lenders to determine where they thrive and where they are weak.
                    Commercial Loan Origination: Scoping the Market and Comparing the Vendors
                    The nCino Bank Operating System received the highest marks among commercial loan origination (CLO) vendors evaluated by Aite Group in the analyst firm's October 2017 report.
                    Vendor Landscape: Salesforce Implementation Partners
                    Leading business and technology executives view Salesforce as a strategic partner for digital business. This report highlights changes in the market in the past two years and overviews the top Salesforce services partners in 2017.
                    Leaders of Treasury Management Onboarding: The Pursuit of Automation
                    This report highlights the demand for treasury management onboarding solutions within the financial services industry and profiles the leading technology providers in the space, including nCino.
                    Next-Era Wealth Management CRM: Technologies to Acquire and Engage
                    This report profiles 15 of the most important North American CRM vendors that provide core CRM software and that offer wealth management-specific CRM solutions.
                    Cloud Heat Map for Banking, 2017
                    Banks are keen to use the cloud, but continuing regulatory concerns mean that public cloud is still relatively unpopular. Bank CIOs can use Gartner's heat map to help guide their cloud investments.
                    SMB Lending: Spotting the Holy Grail Applicant
                    This report is based on an August 2016 Aite Group survey of 501 SMBs that recently applied for credit and presents a personality profile or persona that banks can use to identify their most important applicants: those that are most price-sensitive, most likely to bundle services, and least likely to be attracted to alternative lenders.
                    Thriving in the SMB Credit Market: A Capability Checklist
                    Based on a Q3 2016 Aite Group examination of 501 credit-seeking SMBs, this research identifies the most important characteristics, channels, and capabilities banks and other lenders must have to attract and retain credit-seeking SMBs.
                    Lending to SMBs: It's a Borrower's Market
                    This report profiles the typical credit-seeking SMB. It explores the circumstances under which SMBs seek credit, where they apply, how far in advance of a need they seek funds, how much they borrow, the terms under which they borrow, and attitudinal factors such as their opinions about technology adoption and financial leverage.
                    Vendor Lanscape: Omnichannel Banking Solutions
                    Omnichannel and mobile banking solutions allow bank customers to use products and services when and where they need them and enable banks to deliver great customer experiences. This report provides an overview of key vendors and their offerings and important differences between them to help application development and delivery (AD&D) teams select solutions.
                    Branch Technology Evolution: Capabilities to Meet Retail Banking Challenges
                    This Impact Report describes retail banking executives' views of how branch technology is evolving, and it makes recommendations for financial institutions and vendors participating in the branch technology market.
                    U.S. Credit Card Issuers' Digital Account-Opening Processes
                    This report looks at top credit card issuers in the United States (American Express, Barclays, Bank of America, Capital One, Citibank, Chase, Discover, Wells Fargo, and U.S. Bank) and identifies how these issuers use best practices to help consumers learn about and apply for credit cards.
                    The Public Cloud Services Market Will Grow Rapidly to $236 Billion in 2020
                    Public cloud services are the biggest disruption in the tech market in the past 15 years — and adoption is accelerating. CIOs: Use this forecast to benchmark the pace and shape of your public cloud strategies.
                    Automating Commercial Lending: Do's and Don'ts, and How Much You'll Make
                    This report quantifies automation’s potential benefits and identifies and explains the best and worst practices banks’ deployment teams should keep in mind when automating commercial lending.
                    Commercial Loan Origination: Evaluating Scale-Enabling Vendors
                    This report explores key trends within the global market for commercial loan origination systems, compares vendors’ offerings and strategies, and awards vendors for their strengths in critical areas.
                    Vendor Landscape: Financial Services Client Onboarding Solutions
                    Forrester explores six phases on how to make the onboarding process more automated and customer-centric, including why a cloud-based solution approach should be on your list.
                    Software-as-a-Service in Banking
                    Software-as-a-service (SaaS) has become a common deployment option for many horizontal enterprise applications, such as CRM, HR, collaboration, and sourcing applications. This report highlights selected banking-specific public cloud offers to help AD&D professionals use SaaS to transform and modernize their bank's application landscape.
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